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My heart beats in breakdowns...'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
My heart beats in breakdowns...

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Hmmm [22 Oct 2004|05:04pm]
Psych fuckin sucks, i fuckin hate it and everyone in that class. Public speaking and italian are good. I loooove children's theater!

Goin home tonight but I may return to Rowan to accompany Nicole in the lonley hours of the night.

SF on Saturday at the TLA! Wooo!

Sunday? I may go visit my mom. We shall see how things work out.

Val has amazing news...I can't wait to hear it.

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Lately... [14 Oct 2004|04:59pm]
I haven't been online that much.
I haven't talked to my friends from home that much.
I go upstairs alot.
I don't smoke that much.
I like class.
I have a ghost that lives out back.
I crochet scarves.
I miss my brother.
I have an urge to be trashed.

Other than that, nothing is crazy. This year is good. I found something that makes me happy, but it will in no way provide me with enough money to support myself when I graduate. I feel like I'm in PVI again, I got those crazy happy feelings.

Party at Fem's on Saturday, but I've got a busy weekend. I promised my brother I'd come home tho.

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What are you doing?! [07 Oct 2004|05:16pm]
So...a little update. I've been going to all my classes woo! I smoke like everyday woo! I handle my drunk like a pro wooo!

Last weekend I went to TCNJ with Jen and Dave, but then I stayed with Kevin. We had a good time, we smoked on top of a parking garage with his friend Lauren, she's awesome. And I bonded with his friend Blair and watch ATHF with Dan.

The next day we met, Val, Sarah and Jen and Dave at the College Day on the Parkway. It was pretty cool, and SOCO was awesome. They played Konstantine so Val was happy.

John came over the other day and we smoked in the woods, and then we smoked in Ryan'sa room, it was a semi smoke fest cause i use soo much. I need to cut back.

I thought this was weird between me and megan...so I wanted to put it in:

serriously great (4:55:22 PM): we should go ghost hunting
serriously great (4:55:26 PM): but im scared
SanRamblesOn (4:55:56 PM): noo theyre nice
SanRamblesOn (4:56:03 PM): i found so many places to go
serriously great (4:56:30 PM): theres a ghost at my school to o apprently .. in the mansion
serriously great (4:56:33 PM): oh god
SanRamblesOn (4:56:39 PM): yea i read about it
SanRamblesOn (4:56:47 PM): they have two ghosts
SanRamblesOn (5:07:50 PM): there's a ghost that molests women
SanRamblesOn (5:07:54 PM): im gonna find him and let him
SanRamblesOn (5:07:58 PM): i wanna lose it to a ghost
serriously great (5:08:01 PM): oh no
SanRamblesOn (5:08:18 PM): what if i had a ghost baby
serriously great (5:08:24 PM): i would be freaked
SanRamblesOn (5:08:27 PM): like semi transparent with a ghostly voice
serriously great (5:08:45 PM): no one would like his ghostly ass
SanRamblesOn (5:08:50 PM): rahahaha i would
SanRamblesOn (5:09:07 PM): he could float me to vacation spots
SanRamblesOn (5:09:14 PM): like beaches
serriously great (5:09:20 PM): omg youre so wierd
SanRamblesOn (5:09:41 PM): yea i was thinkin how weird that scenario is
serriously great (5:09:54 PM): this whole conversation is wierd
SanRamblesOn (5:10:19 PM): yea but i think it can happen really
SanRamblesOn (5:10:21 PM): well not the baby
SanRamblesOn (5:10:24 PM): but the ghost sex
serriously great (5:10:44 PM): i think thats really fucked up and scarey
serriously great (5:10:52 PM): thats like fucking a dead person you necrophiliac
SanRamblesOn (5:10:56 PM): nu uh
SanRamblesOn (5:11:02 PM): its a spirit
SanRamblesOn (5:11:05 PM): its alive
SanRamblesOn (5:11:20 PM): ill just be a pioneer in ghostly sex
serriously great (5:11:29 PM): necro
SanRamblesOn (5:11:38 PM): nooo
SanRamblesOn (5:11:47 PM): its not a body
SanRamblesOn (5:11:58 PM): its just some vapors flying into my vagina
serriously great (5:12:06 PM): you wouldnt feel it so whats the point
SanRamblesOn (5:12:12 PM): just to say i did
serriously great (5:12:41 PM): oh god
SanRamblesOn (5:13:52 PM): the tv is flickering, seriously
serriously great (5:14:08 PM): maybe its your boyfriend
SanRamblesOn (5:14:10 PM): i bet its my ghostly gentleman caller, sending me morse code
SanRamblesOn (5:14:10 PM): yea
serriously great (5:14:23 PM): get naked
SanRamblesOn (5:14:32 PM): yes! thats what he said
SanRamblesOn (5:14:46 PM): i-m c-o-m-i-n-g
SanRamblesOn (5:14:54 PM): thats what i deciphered
SanRamblesOn (5:15:06 PM): so soon mr. ghost man so soon
SanRamblesOn (5:15:16 PM): he must have died young
serriously great (5:15:26 PM): hes prob and old black man
SanRamblesOn (5:15:41 PM): when it comes to me they all are
serriously great (5:15:50 PM): me too
SanRamblesOn (5:16:01 PM): i dont think there'd be any black ghosts at rowan tho
SanRamblesOn (5:16:12 PM): they didnt go to college back in the cotton pickin days
serriously great (5:21:23 PM): thats true

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Good Times at Rowan... [29 Sep 2004|06:29pm]
[ mood | full ]

Corinne and Val came to visit on Saturday. It was an awesome night. We went to Beau and Megan, Sarah and Travis came but they left like 5 mins later, Val going along. Then it was just me and Corinne, but alas John Meier shows up, randomly with Sergio, Brett and some ppl I don't know. Oh Andrew...I knew him. So...I took John Meier with me to Tapp's room with some other ppl and we smoked a whole lot and it was great. I couldn't believe John Meier was there...

Then Corinne and I went back to my apt, and I went upstairs to smoke with Jodi and Lou...that was good times. Then I came back to my Palm, but she was asleep.

Val came up last night and we smoked with Michelle. Good times.

I smoked the night before with some kids from here. Good times.

Just lots of good times.

Except I don't go to class alot. Because I have to act out scenes from Humpty Dumpty and neigggh like a horse. You wouldn't go either.

Me and Jen talk about ppl alot. In the Twin Towers of Secrets and Love. Also good times.

ODS...now in effect!

Who's in for Something Corporate on Sat...it's free.

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Ah the kids at home... [20 Sep 2004|12:30am]
I love them so much! I won against Kevin in beer pong, even tho he tried mess me up by wavin his weiner around it. Then me and Corinne won against Kev and Michelle. HA! Corinne's dad was back from the Dominican Republic for a little bit, and he didn't recognize any of the guys, and I was like, "This is Kevin's he's part black...that means he's a nigro," and Corinne's dad was like, "oh i thought that meant he was big down there." It was great, I was dyin. And Palm let me do my laundry, and Fem hooked up with some random guy, and Val had her choke artists, and Michelle was passed out drunk, and Corinne and Brian were upstairs...it was like a gathering of old. Not complete without a routine diner trip with Kev and Val after we drank. Then Kevin came back to Rowan with me.

Me and Kevin smoked today, mid-day in the parking lot of Triad just out on the grass in the back. It was great, we smoked so much, and then I puked. Back in the apt was hilarious, I kept performing assorted scenes and we ate so much. Ah good times with my kevy.

The other night I went to Wildwood with Nicole Nobre, it was a last minute, spontaneous road trip that was a bonding experience, esp cause we listened to 80's songs on the way down. Her friends were nice, they had a room of alc. I heard cherubs singing as i entered.

Tracy Morgan was friday...me and jen went. I smoked before I went so everything was sooo hilarious, even more then it already was. I kept hearing the audience repeat everything he said in my head...ah good stuff.

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Rah! [14 Sep 2004|11:19pm]
I think Ryan is coming home this weekend with Megan...that's 2 woo's in one. And KEVIN might be comin up! WOOO! I'm pretty excited I think. I guess. I haven't seen Corinne in awhile, her birthday was on Monday so I called her up. I made her sumthin but Megan said it was ugly, so now I have to think of somethin else.

I took my brother to John's party this past weekend and smoked him up, me, Val and my brother smoking. What a sight. Megan was there too, she was giving people lap dances. Then we practiced the "bend and snap" from legally blonde with John's boyfriend-ish? guy...he was hilarious and apparently me doing the bend and snap high is the funniest thing Val has ever seen in her life.

I smoked the other night too, with Val and Fem. Too much tho cause it lasted tooo long.

School's ok I suppose. I had a speech this morning on this kid Dan Walsh, which I completely pulled out of my ass, but I'm proud of it. Nicole did hers on me, and I wanted her to make me sound cool...but I liked it though.

Jen and I were talking about how there's something missing about school this year...I don't know what it is, but it's just not as fun. Maybe I'd be better off living home. That wouldn't solve anything though. Although I could buy the hippie bus and smoke all the time.

I miss the kids...

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Rowan so far... [09 Sep 2004|08:18pm]
Well...it's not as eventful as last year. My classes are ok. My place is a lot nicer. It's not the same as living in Mimosa where everyone I liked was, but it's ok. Nicole, Molly, Jodi and Kristin are right upstairs so I go up there occasionally, not as much as last year. I see Tapp alot and party with him on occasion. He has the BEST roommate by the way, we smoked together within the first 15 minutes of meeting eachother. And she works at an alc store, so she's cool by my books.

I don't see Nicole as much obviously she lives in far away town, but we have a class together. I haven't seen Cait at all, I see Glenn on occasion, Michelle...the girls that used to live upstairs I see on occasion.

The drinking's more casual this year cause I always have a 30 in my fridge. My friend's visit alot. We pregame like bitches. Tonight I went out and got a 30, a case of Smirnoff, a handle of vodka, and a bottle of Schnapps...just to pregame with and there's only 4 of us in here.

This year is lacking only in that I miss Nicole's attitude, everyday she had somethin sarcastic and witty to shoot back at me, it was entertaining. It was a gift she had, ah. Jen just takes my comments and cries in the bathroom...well she doesn't do that, but Maureen does, it cracks me up. It's a good time. They'll learn to deal with it.

I get to go to work tomorrow back home wooooo!!!! I'm so excited to see Joanna, but then i have to come right back to school because I promised Robin I'd go to this AXP thing with her, as long as there's beer and food I'm good, and I already bought a ticket soooo...we shall see.

I SAW KELLY THE OTHER NIGHT!! At the early november thingy...aw man i miss her so much. I was so excited to see her.

I saw Em and Michelle today. I wish I coulda stayed and talked to them longer, I miss high school times.

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Back to Rowan [03 Sep 2004|05:44pm]
I haven't updated in 9 years cause my computer broke...

I'm back at Rowan...I live in a good place, it's an apt, it's air conditioned and brand new so I can't complain. It was nice to see some people. I miss my brother. Eh. I dunno.

Me and Jen had a nice talk before bed the other night about skyscrapers and old times from last year. it was nice reminiscing.

Today was my last day at the bookstore, well I work one sat in sept, but everyone I like will be gone by then. I love that place. Today was Erica's last day...I'm gonna miss her she was a weird one, her sister was a good time too.

I'm gonna miss Vince too, but I'll see him all the time.

And JOANNA! She's always with me in spirit rahaha, and I def wont miss Flaps or Grapefruit. see ya them. or Flaps jr, Six Car Mouth, and PRICE CHECK lady, she punched me in the neck today. I was like omg why are you weird. Your 80.

Aw man I miss it.

Tomorrow night I'm havin the kids over, should be good times, god willing I dont get taken away by the police or nuthin.

Last night we drank in the room and went out for a little, I ate 9 tacs and I couldnt get into my bed so I slept on the couch...it was more comfortable then you would think.

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[07 Aug 2004|01:41am]
i was attacked by ghost cats earlier today...

i mistook a lawnmower pulley, for an insanely large bigger then my fist bug and ran away arms flailing and screaming

i hid in the clothes racks while shopping because i saw vince guadini's mom

i cant sleep because i see shadows...

i'm on edge, really on edge

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Warped Tour [07 Aug 2004|01:38am]
Drinkin good times...friends good times...meetin up with Nicole and Alicia good times...gettin lost not good times...diner food good times, meg, ryan, and val comin over after good times...

massive hangover at 10pm not good times...

i miss kevin!!

and randomly mandy hinski

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FOOTLOOSE! [31 Jul 2004|09:37pm]
Thursday night we went to the midnight showing of The Village at Leows, I never put so much effort into seeing a movie. We had to go early to buy the tickets because it was the premier and then we got there an hour and a half early and stood in line forever just to get into the theater then we ran in and scrambled for seats. It was a good time.

FOOTLOOSE! Saturday Me, Val and Michelle went to see Footloose the musical at the Trump Plaza in A.C. We sat next to the bar all sad faced and the bar tender helped us get our tickets exchanged. He asked us if we were old enough to drink and we said no and so he was like eh I don't care. We were like wooo alc and footloose.

Then we got into the theater and the waitress came up and was like would you like a drink and we were like ummm yeaa, She brought us our drinks and you should have seen my face. I sucked that drink up like I was a crack whore gettin a long over due fix.

The show itself was great. I liked Rusty...everyone else was mediocre...and the guy who was video taping the stripper who attacked us in teh garage a couple days ago was def in the play.

Then we got trashed and it was great beyond greatness and headed home.

I have a new cousin. His name is Anthony and he was born on thursday night and my fuckin brother gets to be the godfather. Ok so he's 17, unemployed and failing high school...

...Yea I feel great about myself, esp after my dad got drunk today and called me stupid in front of my whole family including my mommom. I cried...I was like you don't call your daughter stupid, we're family, what the hell is wrong with you...and he was like well I am callin you stupid because you are. He never talked like that to me before, and I kept fightin with him, but everyone was like stop, just stop because he's not going to. So I sat there and cried. Great family times. Lovely.

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From Naked boys in A.C. to ghosts in Shamong [28 Jul 2004|09:58pm]
So today started off with me not showing up to work on time, and when I got there I passed out on the couch until like 2. Thank God Mickey was late from his trial and I didn't get caught. So I did some work and was out of there by 3. Then Val picked me up and we decided to ride the White Horse Pike allll the way down to Atlantic City. Who knew it ended there? It was a nice scenic time.

We went to the Trump to buy tickets to Footloose, but we got to the box office at literally 6:01 and it closes at 6. So we're goin to ticketmaster tomorrow.Val cried in the lobby, it was like a scene out of a movie, I however was cracking up. Walking back through the parking garage a truck pulled up next to us, stopped, started blasting some Blacky McCharcoal Face rap music and some hottt misters came out and started stripping and dancing and so Val didn't notice and I was like...uhh those guys are attacking and then they came in front of us and followed us around dancin and takin off they're clothes and so I gave the guy a quarter and he got excited and went away.


Then we met Sarah and Ryan at Nifty Fifties and Me, Sarah and Ry went to Tab. We got totally lost in the forrest, saw some ghostlies and I had to knock on a strangers door, cause we get no service. I was like, hi, uh we're lost in the woods. they were really nice and helped us. I def thought leather face was gonna answer and hack me up. OH and we saw horsies on the side of the road and there was a baby one. Right on the side of the road.

Then we went to Michelle's and watched some TV, and then we parted for home...there was a giant drug bust at the end of Ryan's street. Our perfect little Blackwood is goin to shambles.

My parents found out about the comp tonight, and I yelled at my dad when he called to ask me about it. I was like hi, why dont you ask ur son, who lies all the time. do you not remember the 59 doors he broke. My dad was like, we dont have that many doors in the house and you owe me a new computer and I was like um no I don't. Why would I use ur old ass computer, that is my old one to begin with when I have my own that I paid $2000 for...yea I wouldnt use yours thanks...he was like ok see ya.

wooo i'm growin up.

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Oh mannn [28 Jul 2004|12:21am]
Last night, I blew up my parents computer...without even doing anything, I jus plugged in the surge protector and there was a BANG and them smoke rose from the the PC. HAHAHAHA. One day I'll get in trouble for this, but I must say I laugh now.

Yesterday I went to the mall with Corinne and Ryan, Corinne picked me out some clothes. Then we went to her house, and Fem and Meg came over and we played Makeover/Drink Beer. Sometimes I looked like a crack whore and sometimes I looked like a mom. I liked looking like a mom, baby wrapped in swaddeling blankets and all. I made Corinne wear a cocktail dress.

I was attacked by a big ass, thick spider in her bathroom. I feel I must get this story out, before it is too late and we are all attacked by a higher, non human fearing breed of bugs:

I was in the bathroom, and the spider emerged from around the door area, I was across the bathroom near the shower, it then ran across the bathroom headed for me, so I jumped over it and ran towards the door. It THEN turned around, stopped and charged at me, but I had nowhere to go, it was right at my feet, and I screamed and looked down and it was gone?

I swear it somehow it may have magically infested my body. Seriously, what bug doesn't run from humans, but seeks them out and charges them? I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm scared, I'm scared for my life. This could be the begininng of something that will bring the end of mankind. Stock up on Raid and kill the sons of bitches.

Footloose this weekend...

I hope I can go to Warped Tour, it better not be one of my 50 doctors appts or the washington trip, that i still haven't made it clear to my parents that I'm not going.

Been workin lately, I like it. I wake up, go in when I feel like it...make some phone calls, send some faxes, lick some envelopes and I'm out. Sweeeeet times.

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hmmm [26 Jul 2004|12:26am]
well this weekend was a suck...cept i spent some time with Heather, Alicia and Jess on saturday cause heather's birthday is today. they're good times...always and so glad Alicia's takin the vitamins I got her. Last week I went to visit and I got a trashed Janel in my company and care...it was hilarious, but that poor kid. I miss them. I miss Free!

have to go to washington with the family, but def declining that offer. i told them i'd skip this one and go with them to florida in sept.

tonight we visited michelle and then went to nat'l park and taunted some kids asses. HA! it was grrrreat. then we went to ry's for a little bit.

tomorrow is supposedly make over day, but i, the star dont want to go. ACCEPT ME FOR THE TRASH I AM!

been workin lately, but cant wait to go back to ccc.

we have a plan to ghost at the park...who's in.

i wish i was a whore, then i'd have more in common with everyone.

i had 14 drinks sat, but i couldnt get drunk, what does it take these days?

39 days til school, def robbing bed, bath and beyond...esp cause ryan wants a 250 dollar Tommy Hilfiger comforter.

From now on I'm not going out unless drugs are involved, so ha how do u like that? Heroin at the beach? Crack at Footloose?

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Last night... [21 Jul 2004|12:08pm]
Lots of fuzzy parts...like phone calls and what not. However I distinctly remember being made over, that was a good time. I also distinctly remember the horrible sounds of Sarah being, "Rio Granded" as drunk Ryan wouild say....grosssss fem! HA! I was sad tho that Val and Corinne left...gatherings aren't the same any more, we all used to drink til we lost our vision, our dinner, our dignity...some of us our virginity...but know it's like ooo I'm buzzin time to stop. Not me, I'm like ooo I'm gonna puke, gimme another beer.

Michelle: OOOOOPS
glad I caught that.

We went to Denny's at like 6am, me, Sarah and Ryan. That consisted of me whisperin things to Sarah such as, I'm gonna rip the flesh of your face, I'm gonna rip your eyeballs out of their sockets, I'm gonna kick you in the face...but she was toooo wake up drunk to hear me. Ryan and I thought it was hilarious however...

Got some work today, and then my final portfolio for comp, which I have nothing to put in there...

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from jen [11 Jul 2004|09:56pm]

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Feelin good... [11 Jul 2004|05:54pm]
Feelin good, which I love. I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now but I just can't. It's impossible. I still haven't filled out my loan application so I can go back to Rowan...yea...good luck with that.

I'm thinking of taking money out of this bank account that I mysteriously have that I really shouldn't be taking money out of to buy a car. My dad keeps complaining about insurance so I was like welll then how bout I take out some of the money thats put away for when I get out of college and buy myself an older car and then maybe I can keep a job for more than a week and I'll start givin you money for insurance. And he was like ok call the insurance company to see how much the rates would change.

Yet another thing I have yet to do. So what am I doing with my precious time?

Eatin, goin out, sleepin. Eh.

Val, Corinne, Sarah, Ryan and I went to P.F. Changs for dinner the other night. It was good times, I think Rebecca Reid was workin there. I definetly felt out of place tho cause people were all wearin dresses n shit. And we definitly brought the classy atmosphere down with our talk of later plans of smokin up and doin lines. We're so weird. Seriously.

Last night Me and Val went to leave spirits on Julie's car. Rahahaha. Then we went to see Anchorman...it was hilarious.

Also durin high times me, her and John made up new words to, Part of Your World in relation to weed. The best line was when Val shouted, "Betcha on land they understand, bet they don't bong around they're daughters..."

Then it was like 1am and we barely got started on the second round, and I was like, "I think they want me home by like 11" (cause I'm still sick they say but I feel great) and Val was like uhh its like 1 and I was like shit when I get home my dad's gonna bong me around. Val was dyin, ah greatness.

Then we dropped of john and somehow ended up at the diner with meg and ryan. I felt bad cause I was sooo messed up I couldn't even order. It was great times for me tho. I got home at like 3 but no one noticed.

I'm never gonna be successful if I don'g grow up and stop writin journals bout my high times.

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Ah my life... [06 Jul 2004|11:04pm]
My sickness of death is passing...however it has left me unemployed and college credit-less in it's wake. I'm feeling a little better...my face isnt swollen anymore, i can eat solids now, no more gerber, which i love because that was humiliating. No more havin to take 29 pills a day along with different serums. No more 104 and 105 fevers, which literally feels like burning in hell, esp when you can't move and have to lay in a sweat pit. It was annoying. But the fevers ended and I was like woo, but then the whole horrible body pain thing started, which felt like I was beatin with a baseball bat and even lying still hurt like hell, thats when I was like i'll take the fevers any day. Now its not bad, I jus get winded every 5 steps and but I love it.

I love bein able to move woooo! I have to get more blood work tho, which sucks cause the lady's rough with the needle, even my brother thought so, she jabbed that shit in my arm like she was chucky or sumthin, stabbin at me and what not. I like not havin a job because I haven't hung out with the gang in awhile and now i'll be able to see my friends. I have to find a new job tho.

Today Val and Fem and me went to Nat'l Park to watch the airplanes. There was a little memorial cause someone died there, drowned I suppose. We watched the planes, went down to the beach and did some hikin and explorin...good place to smoke. We were lookin for some bodies to wash up. Then we met Corinne at the diner, and I got a choc. sundae...mmm. I spent the past 5 days in wildwood at the house, i jus watched tv tho cause i was half dying. i liked the rest.

Upcoming project: Footloose on broadway. Visit to the Poconos. Warped Tour. Drinkin and smokin galore. oh and this:

laughinskeletons (11:11:56 PM): on the roosevelt boulevard in philly theyre doing construction over some wooded area but theres a colony of stray cats...like 80...that live there and they cant build stuff with them there, so theyre lookin for volunteers to capture the kitties
laughinskeletons (11:11:57 PM): wanna do it?
laughinskeletons (11:12:43 PM): i can totally see us sneaking around the woods with cat nets

laughinskeletons (11:13:54 PM): im gonna call tomorrow
laughinskeletons (11:14:00 PM): we're hunting kitty
laughinskeletons (11:14:18 PM): aww this kid put his lil brother in a running dryer and he died
laughinskeletons (11:14:38 PM): Info: Call (215) 338-1414 To Volunteer As A Cat Catcher
laughinskeletons (11:14:57 PM): cat calls cat calls whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when your cat gets lost

just what the hell.
i love my friends.

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my job... [02 Jul 2004|12:28pm]
i quit. and i'm dying.

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Worrkkk [22 Jun 2004|10:07pm]
Ok so I work at a camp for the developmentally disables...(retarded) yeaaa...i'm just gonna list the pro's and cons of this job.

-I get to drive a giant tractor bigger then my dorm room.
-I don't have to walk anywhere cause I have my own little Kawaski Mule 5500 that is for meee only.
-There's some really cool people there. I like the foreigners, we got counselors from Germany, Holland, Poland, England and Scotland. My favorites the English girl cause she hates bugs too, and the Holland girl cause she saw Britney Spears smokin up in Amsterdam. Today I drove this guy Hassan to the Eckerd by Rowan and we bonded, so I like him too. And the family that runs it is awesome, the mom fed me chocolate today woo, and the dad was like oh go swimmin or lay by the pool, do whatever you want, but I feel bad not doin my job.
-My partner in crime Steven is really cool, he takes care of all the icky stuff, well most of it.
-I get fed alll the time.
-Oh yea did I mention I drive a freakin TRACTOR! right i did, im like fuckin farmer joe.

-The fuckin bugs. OMG...I want to puke every 5 minutes. There's sooo many that I might actually quit.
-When I do have to do work it's massive, so I come home and I feel like someone threw me on the ground and jumped up and down allll over my body with muddy sneakers at that, cause im always covered in dirt and in massive pain.
-I have no time for anything, not even to do school work or laundry or anything. So see ya friends, when I get home I'm dead, there's nuthin left in me.
-One day off a week, I'm spendin it sleeeepin...

The retarded kids haven't gotten there yet, but one visited today and was helpin me load the mule, and she dropped somethin and startin fllllipppinnnn out, like insanely yelling and freakin out, I was like uhh calm down buddy.

So I dunno how this is gonna go.

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